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Risk analysis

'Business' means that you have to treat this endeavour as a business and not a gamble. if you had a business plan to show Warrent Buffett, would he approve and invest in you? Bussiness that are strong with a clear strategy ,with a competitive moat. You need to structure your trading business in the same way.

Complete Financial Planning

developing a clear edge, sitting on your hands untill your edge is in play (patient) diversifying your bets without disworsifying them, and managing correlation is key to this part of the equation. But also being in a personal posistion toi make trading work for you. Dont think about paying up your bills instantly with your trading. rather, make sure you have diversify income streams that allows you learn survive and then thrive without been pressured to perform.

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make a deposit through our secure wallet to wallet transfer and get credited almost instantly and start earning daily intrest till deposit term expire

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